This is the story of Sunny and Georgia. Sunny is an American Staffordshire terrier who is seven years old and Georgia is a Chihuahua who is eight years old. They have been together since they were puppies and have become best friends. They lived with one family.

One day, their family were not able to care for the dogs anymore so they had to give the dogs up. They were dropped off at the Arizona Humane Society.

The staff in the shelter knew that these two have a bond so strong that they cannot be separated. They become upset when they have to be separated from each other. The two would whine and cry for one another if they are not together.


They may have different characteristics but they sure are close. Sunny is friendly and adventurous while Georgia is reserved and cautious.

Upon arriving at the shelter, the two have even become a lot closer than before. They need each other to deal with the new situation. The dogs found solace and comfort in each other. They  play together and eat together and sleep together.

Most shelters know that having two dogs adopted together can be quite difficult but they are doing their best for Sunny and Georgia. They understand that the bond between the two is really strong and that to separate them would not be a good idea. Sunny and Georgia still have not been adopted yet but they are doing well in the shelter. But the shelter is not giving up.

The shelter says that Sunny and Georgia are two dogs worth adopting. They are comfortable with each other and can easily adapt to a new environment as long as they are together. They love open spaces because they love playing and running. They do not need much but only a family who would take them in, love them, and care for them.

Sunny & Georgia

Sunny & Georgia have been at AHS for 123 days, patiently waiting for adoption day.These gal pals are as easy going as they come – all they want is to find a happy home together! 7-year-old Sunny is warm and sweet, and 8-year-old Georgia is more reserved but loves being by Sunny's side… like all the time. Just look at her follow her sister around! Sunny and Georgia welcome other dogs and kiddos over the age of 10 to their pack. Plus, we have great news to share: An anonymous donor has so generously covered their adoption fee!Meet Sunny: Georgia:

Posted by Arizona Humane Society on Sunday, July 29, 2018

Source: Arizona Humane Society



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