Many pet owners consider their dogs as their best friend who doesn’t leave their side even in sickness. For some, their pets are their source of happiness and joy. Some studies have proven that having a pet can help in boosting a human’s well-being. Dogs and other pets can assist in improving one’s health. This will further discuss the health benefits of having a friendly pet.


As of today, about 78 million dogs are owned as pets in the United States according to one organization, American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A recent discovery indicated dogs were first tamed 20,000-40,000 years ago in Europe. Since this period, humans and dogs have shared this special bond of friendship. They have established mutual support and trust with each other.

What dogs do

Dogs are known to keep us safe and guard our home. They protect us from danger and harm. Dogs can also be trained to assist humans in various tasks and activities such as hunting, security and many more. However, the most important characteristics of dogs are their loyalty and the ability to give joy to their owners.


How having a dog contributes to health and wellness


Recent studies reported that having dogs as pets can help in improving one’s physical health. Pet owners are more resilient to stress. Having a dog as a pet also reduces the risk of premature death.

Dog owners are obliged to take daily exercise because they must walk their pets and play with them. Because of this regular exercise, pet owners have a lower risk of having heart issues.

On the average, dog owners are required to take their dogs for a walk at least twice a day. Many pet owners, especially those 60 years and above,  enjoy better health and live longer lives because of this “required” exercise they take by walking their dogs.

Dogs are not only beneficial when we grow old but also are beneficial to children. Dogs can also help in strengthening and improving our health even before we are born. A pregnant woman who spends most of her time around dogs during her pregnancy enhances her child’s health while still in her womb.

Children exposed to dogs while still in their mother’s womb have a lower risk of developing eczema in their early childhood.

Playing with dogs when growing up is also advantageous. Children that were surrounded by dogs have reduced symptoms of asthma because of their prolonged exposure to certain bacteria that were carried by their dogs. This prolonged exposure makes children resilient to the risks of having asthma and other related health issues.

Having a dog has many advantages and can even give you health benefits. Pet owners are observed to be happier and healthier physically and emotionally. Dogs are loyal and trustworthy pets. They are indeed a man’s best friend. This denotes that humans and dogs have a mutual relationship. They benefit from each other, and most importantly, they help one another.



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