With animal cruelty cases everywhere, it is hard to believe there are still passionate people ready to help those animals in need. Well, fortunately, there is one such person in Turkey. Meet Banu Cengiz, a huge animal advocate who runs her pharmacy.

She had been in love with street dogs for a long time now. In fact, her pooch was once a stray whom she rescued from the streets a few years back. Although she isn’t capable of bringing home all the dogs in her neighborhood, she still does her best to let the canines know that they are loved.

She maintains a little doggy corner in front of the pharmacy. This oasis is complete with dog beds, snacks, and water for all the homeless canines to enjoy. All the dogs love hanging out with her and already consider her as someone they can count on.


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One time, she noticed that one particular pooch in her doggy corner was acting pretty strange. Unlike all the other canines, the dog was standing by the door expectantly, as if waiting for someone. The pharmacist was quick to conclude that there might be a problem with this dog.

So she let her in and examined her from head to foot. As it turned out, the dog has a small bleeding wound on her paw. Banu immediately attended to her new furry friend.

She carefully cleaned the cut using antiseptic and gave her antibiotics afterward. The pooch was well-behaved throughout the procedure, completely trusting the pharmacist. To help her recover faster, Banu allowed the pup to stay inside the pharmacy for the rest of the day.

She even provided her with a dog bed to lay in. At the end of the day, she bid goodbye to the pooch and accommodated her in her little doggy corner. Banu wished that the pups there would get adopted soon, but for the meantime, she’s happy to be of any help.

Watch the heartwarming video here.

Courtesy of Badores



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