A poor pup was injured and trapped inside a well for days. Fortunately, a group of compassionate people saved him.

Video of the group rescuing the desperate pooch was posted online. The footage was from West India, and it showed how people tried their best to save the dog.

The good Samaritans used a makeshift rope and a stick. They tried every tool they could get just to help the canine get out of the well.


The struggling pup had injuries including bloodied claws. It looks like it tried its best to get out of the well. It’s clear that the pooch suffered from stress and it looked scared when the group found it.

Dog winched to safety after getting stuck in deep well for several days

Dog winched to safety after getting stuck in deep well for several days 😱🐕Credit: Newsflare

Posted by VideOasis Amazing on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Though it wasn’t easy to get the dog, the group stayed persistent. They made use of the rope to try and lasso the pup. The poor animal looked so terrified.

They made several attempts. They were successful in securing the pup’s neck. However, when they tried lifting it up, the pup slipped and fell back to the water. It ran desperately for safety towards the limited space at the bank.

The group tried again. This time, they successfully rescued the pup. The furball seemed to be showing its gratefulness to the group by wagging its tail.

The group of rescuers petted the dog. They all looked relieved and glad that the dog was successfully saved. The video only lasted for a couple of minutes, but the compassion and group work that the men showed was remarkable.

The heartwarming video definitely inspired a lot of people and made animal lovers smile.

We’re happy that the poor pooch is now back to safety. Hopefully, someone will do something about the well so no poor animals like the one on the video will get trapped again.

Video credits to VideoOasis Amazing. Thank you for sharing!



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