Hope for Paws, a rescue organization, got an urgent call about a dog who was walking around near the freeway. The danger of being hit by a vehicle made the situation very serious.

The first rescuer to arrive at the dog’s location saw that the dog was heading toward the freeway. He approached the dog slowly so as not to scare him further onto the freeway.

As the rescuer was working his way to the dog, a care parked on the the other side of the road. The stray dog approached the car and tried to hide under it.


The poor dog was so scared, but only his head fit under the car. After a couple tries, the rescuer was able to get a leash on the poor dog.

Coincidentally, the two people from the car were off duty animal control officers. They stopped when they saw the rescuer approach the dog so they could help. The rescuer was grateful that they blocked the dog’s way. It made the rescue easier.

The two off duty animal control employees recognized the Hope for Paws rescuer and agreed he should take the dog. The rescuer then brought the dog to his vehicle.

The rescuer named the dog Tyrion. Tyrion had a massive infection from a dog bite on his face probably the result of fighting with another dog. He was also covered in ticks.

Tyrion was brought to the vet, where he got all the necessary treatment for his wounds. His sweet nature showed as he recovered.

Thanks to Hope for Paws, Tyrion is also away from the freeway and in a safe environment, facing a better life.  Tyrion’s playful personality has blossomed in this safe environment.

Source Hope For Paws – Official Rescue Channel via YouTube



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