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It is not an uncommon issue of dogs being slaughtered for their meat especially in Asia. Consuming it is traced back to its cultural reference or consumed for its medicinal benefits. Although studies have proven otherwise regarding how beneficial dog meat is for the body, it has become a tradition that Westerners are trying heavily to influence the ban of this act.

Sanie, a four-month-old puppy was next in line to be killed. She has seen the horrors of brutally beating and butchering other dogs before her. She has heard the howls and yelps of pain trying to obtain the attention of someone that could help them but no one came. She was cowering in the corner of her cage and continuously shaking as the moment of her death seemed to come close.

However, a ray of hope presented itself when Michael Chour lends his hand and saved her.


Chour is the founder of “The Sound of Animals,”¬† a group dedicated to saving dogs being traded in numerous slaughterhouses in the country of Cambodia. Chour arrived in the slaughterhouse and saw Sanie along with two other dogs. He tried to convince the owner of relieving the 3 dogs in his care but the owner persisted in saying no as he said that the dogs were already sold. But, the owner stated that Chour could take Sanie.

Chour saw Sanie in her most vulnerable state. Afraid, petrified and shaking. Chour said¬† “But I made her smell my hand and slowly approached her.” He slowly crept into her cage and started gaining her trust.

In a gentle manner, Chour touched the head of Sanie. Only to find out that the gesture would stun her and it immediately froze her. Sanie probably thought that he would kill her. But Chour was extremely patient with her. He kept on repeating that Sanie is safe with him and when Chour felt that it was time, he put his hand beneath her belly to which Sanie allowed and Choir took her into his arms.

Chour immediately took Sanie to a veterinarian. When he tried putting the dog on the floor for an examination, the dog literally never let go of Chour’s arms.

Chour firmly believes that Sanie was once a part of a loving family. However, she was taken and sold to the slaughterhouse where he had seen her. He thinks that finding Sanie’s prior family would be a struggle but he promised that as long as Sanie is under his protection, he would take care of her and eventually find a new family where Sanie will be cherished.

After a thorough check-up with a vet, Chour took Sanie to “Blue Dream” his group shelter. Chour said that “I have a friend for her there named Bear,” he also added, “he’s a slaughterhouse rescue too, and he will teach her love and trust.”

Chour hopes that Sanie will be adopted soon so that she can feel the goodness that the world has to offer. Despite her tragic beginning, she deserves a family that will appreciate her affectionate nature.

Source: YouTube via FunkySmile

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