A cat-loving woman named Jamie Alexander had a little challenge on her hands. She has a cat named Mr. Kitty who was always with her. Unfortunately, her job demanded her to be away from home on most days. She would be away four to five days a week.

She needed to travel a lot for work. Because of this, she needed to find someone to watch over Mr. Kitty. Jamie’s boyfriend, Pat, is not a cat person, but he is, however, a dog lover. He has a dog named Callie.

Since Jamie asked Pat to watch over Mr. Kitty, he would come over to her house with his dog. He rarely interacted with Mr. Kitty. Callie rarely interacts with him as well. Jamie expected this and felt a little sorry for her cat but she is just glad that she has someone to watch over Mr. Kitty.


When Jamie was home, she would bring Mr. Kitty over to her boyfriend’s house. Mr. Kitty would often hide or retreat to the basement. Jamie and her boyfriend did not know that it would be Callie who would help the cat open up.

Mr. Kitty and Callie largely ignored each other in the beginning.  Eventually, the two ended up on the couch together.  This progressed to them laying by each other.

Then one day the two shared an awkward stare. After that moment, the two began to cuddle up together.  The moment the two opened themselves up to each other, they realized that they could be friends.

Jamie reports that one day Callie and Mr. Kitty just started “wrastling” and from that point they were the best of buddies.   They follow each other around and take turns initiating the wrestling.

Mr. Kitty has taken to grooming Callie’s face.  Jamie and Pat find their pets interaction adorable.  From being acquaintances, Mr. Kitty and Callie ended up being the best of friends.

Mr. Kitty won Pat over too.  Now Callie and Mr. Kitty are official siblings. It seems that Jamie, Pat, Mr. Kitty, and Callie have become one big happy family.

Source The Dodo via YouTube



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