Who wouldn’t be scared if their dog disappeared, especially into the Canadian wilderness. That is what happened to Rachel Howatt and her boyfriend Clint Sibbick shortly before Christmas 2018. While visiting her mother on her cattle ranch near Manitoba, Winnipeg, Koda their 2 year old husky went missing.

Rachel tried to remain positive but as the days passed, began to fear the worst. She made a plea on Facebook for locals to keep an eye out for the missing dog. When Koda finally showed up and appeared to be healthy and unhurt, Rachel was relieved.

Still, she had no idea where Koda had been or what she had been doing. It would be several months later that Rachel would get the answer to where Koda had spent her time away from home. Her mother’s neighbor, Gary Suderman, is an avid hunter and keeps game cameras to moniter the deer on his property.


Upon returning from vacation, Suderman checked the game camera at his hunting cabin. To his surprise he found 100s of photos of a husky and a wild deer interacting. At first, Suderman thought the dog was stalking the deer which was injured. But after flipping through the photos realized the dog may have felt protective of the buck.

Suderman told Rachel’s uncle about the photos and her uncle relayed the information to Rachel. She had a hard time believing Koda had spent the time with a wild deer until she saw the photos. The photos show the dog and deer interacting, sniffing each other, hanging out together, even bedding down together. Another neighbor reported seeing the dog and deer walking down a country road.

Animal behaviorist with the Winnipeg Humane Society, Catherine McMillan, thinks the photos show a curious level of trust between the dog and deer.  They appear to be very comfortable around each other.

People were so unbelieving of the strange friendship, that Rachel posted the pictures on Facebook.  The story was so intriguing  it made the local news

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Source: Rachel Howatt



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