When their humans are not by their side, dogs usually feel sad, confused, and anxious. But there are some instances when a human will have to leave his dog for a while. This is the situation that Janna Berger had to go through.

Janna is a servicewoman who had to undergo intensive training for the army. She said that being away from Murphy, her dog, was the hardest thing she had ever done. While she was in the camp, she thought about her dog every day.

While they were miles away from each other, Janna’s love for Murphy did not change. And the same thing applies to Murphy.


Murphy misses Jenna


Back at home with Janna’s parents, Murphy seemed to think about his favorite human. Janna mentioned that in the first letter her mom sent her, she was told that Murphy would wait outside the door of her room, wanting her to come back. This would happen every day since Janna left.

Murphy might have felt sad that his best friend was far away for him. Unbeknownst to him, Janna had a big surprise for him. He was definitely in for a treat.

The long-awaited reunion

Jenna posted a tear-jerking video that showed the heartwarming moment between her and Murphy. Janna went home, greatly surprising Murphy.  It broke her heart that her dog didn’t immediately recognize her.

Murphy reacted like many dogs faced with someone they don’t recognize. Barking and running some distance away. But he must have found something familiar about Janna despite her strange clothes because he kept coming back to check again.

When Murphy finally recognized her, Janna said that it was the happiest moment of her life. Her dog was obviously over joyed to see his mom and let her know just how happy he was to have her home.

Janna got reunited with Murphy after completing her army training. She was already planning to move into a new home with Murphy.

Video Source: Stephen Messenger via YouTube



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