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Derby is an adorable husky who was born with deformed front paws and legs. His condition made it challenging for him to walk around as other normal dogs do. It would usually leave him bruises and cuts every time he tries a little bit hard to walk around.

This dog’s journey began when he was successfully rescued from a shelter by Peace and Paws. His situation caught the attention of Tara Anderson, a woman who works at 3D Systems, a company responsible for pioneering 3D printer technology and bringing it mainstream. Tara was also at that time looking for a dog to adopt. What happened proved that some things are meant to be.


Tara had a strong drive to help Derby. She was very emotional reading his story and vowed to herself that she would do everything she can to help the dog. She then agreed to foster Derby.

The more time that Tara and Derby spent time together, the deeper their relationship went. Soon, Derby got a set of wheels to help him maneuver his movements, but the set was not ideal for the pooch since it did not offer a real experience of walking, running, and playing. Plus, it would sometimes get stuck in steep terrain, making it also inconvenient for Derby.

The idea came into Tara and soon encouraged her co-workers to help her come up with a prosthetic leg which is 3D printed. This pair of legs would hopefully give Derby the mobility that he wants, and give him the experience of running and walking.

Soon enough, Tara and her co-workers worked on what would bring the most significant change in Derby’s life forever. They scanned the dog’s legs and modified the prosthetic legs to perfectly fit Derby’s legs. The whole process was done in a computer, thus, saving a lot of money, effort, and time!

Then came the time when Derby has to try out his new legs, which were made adjustable so that he will be given enough time to adjust to the features. It was a wonderful experience. The moment Derby was used to his prosthetic legs, he was unstoppable, even outrunning his adopted parents. It made a difference in his disposition and the way he is doing well with the new legs; there are a lot more of adventures waiting for him to fulfill.

Thanks to the advances in science and technology, everyone is given a fair chance at enjoying life and its amazing possibilities. Derby for one is such a lucky pet!

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