It always makes me want to adopt stray dogs whenever I see one in the street struggling to look for food and survive. For street dogs, having no home in a city can be very hard. Most end up getting malnourished and get diseases.

Although there are quite a lot of animal shelters and non-profit organizations that focus on saving street dogs, it’s often not enough. In Soledad de Graciano Sanchez, a city in Mexico, there are an estimated three hundred thousand dogs that are homeless and end up living in the streets.

City officials in this city recognize that stray dogs need people to help them get at least basic care. While most cities are content with animal control catching stray dogs and putting them in shelters, Soledad de Graciano Sanchez went the extra mile and introduced a program that will help stray dogs have a better life.


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With support from the public, the ComeDog initiative came to life. This joint program by the city government, local citizens and animal advocate groups, such as Respuesta Ciudadana, placed fifteen food dispensers across the city.

Made from PVC pipe, the dispensers are always filled with dry dog food donated by locals and the city government. The food will feed stray dogs and prevent them from becoming malnourished. Along with the feeding program for dogs, the city also provided an ambulance for street dogs as well as for local pets.

Called the Ambudog, this ambulance is dedicated to providing medical care for animals. With a regular staff of a team of veterinarians and technicians, Ambudog offers free healthcare for cats and dogs in the city. It is equipped for vaccinations, injury treatment, and neutering services, which will help in ending homelessness in pets in the city.

City officials stated that the two programs received plenty of support from its local citizens. With local support, they plan on expanding the program by creating more food dispensers, that will keep the dogs fed, and develop other programs to help shelter them and find a forever home.

The city of Soledad de Graciano Sanchez is setting the example of how cities should care for its stray or homeless dogs and cats. With their program, no dogs or cats will be hungry regardless if they are homeless or not.

Here’s a quick video about the program and why cities all over the world should follow this example. It’s a great initiative that will surely receive a lot of support from the public and one that will make people aware of the problem of homeless pets. For non-Spanish speakers, you can turn on the subtitles on the video.

Video Source CN13 Noticias via YouTube



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