Some Bulldogs, despite having massive bodies, seem to be unaware of their large size. The Bulldog in our video shows how these adorable dogs can underestimate their size.

Bo is a Bulldog who “works” at a nonprofit in Canada. His primary role in the office is to entertain busy workers and help them enjoy their jobs daily. He’s a very important addition to his organization and is beloved by the people in it.

One day, a worker decided to take a video of Bo as he tried his best to fit himself in a small box. The video starts with the worker talking to Bo and telling him to get his box. The video hasn’t shown yet how big Bo is at this point.


A few moments later, the video revealed that Bo is a huge Bulldog. He is seen biting and chewing on the small box in an attempt to remove its sides to allow him to sit in it.

Bo tried to sit on the box after removing parts of its sides. The box, which was obviously smaller than the dog’s rear, couldn’t contain him and started getting torn. The worker told him that the box was “a little too small” for him. “It’s not quite your size, you know,” the worker added.

The worker told Bo that he has better options available for him, then panned the camera to show four other boxes, all of which were larger than the one Bo chose to sit on.

He also told the headstrong dog that the box he was sitting on wasn’t the right size for his breed. “I mean, you can sit there if you want, but you’re ridiculous,” the man told him.

Bo, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care for what the worker was telling him. He was enjoying his cardboard box seat – even if it got torn trying to accommodate him. Watch the video to see his desperate attempts at sitting inside a small box.

Source: Botheofficebulldog via YouTube



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