Bulldogs are known for their massive bodies and signature waddle. Although they look menacing, these dogs are gentle and are great with kids and families. They are sweet, and they love to receive attention from the people around them.

These dogs have broad, muscular shoulders and thick, rounded hips. Their legs are short, stocky, and spread apart. These physical characteristics mean that the Bulldog, although short, isn’t small. It’s a stocky dog that weighs over 50 pounds and has great muscle definition.

Despite its massive physique, the Bulldog remains one of the most fun-loving breeds around. It may be sleepy most of the time, but it does know how to have a good time now and then – especially when a trampoline is involved.


Everybody knows trampolines are fun devices that allow users to bounce on them. While they are used for training, sports, and educational purposes, they are also used as a recreational device in many places around the world.

One day, a Bulldog named Harald was allowed to play inside a trampoline covered by a safety net. His humans didn’t say if it was the first time he ever did that. What’s clear is that he was excited to play on the trampoline.

Harald’s heavy body would normally prevent him from jumping high, but the trampoline makes him feel like he can fly. He jumps from one area of the trampoline to another. He only stops to take a breather or look at his human parents, who watch him and laugh at him while he plays.

The funny Bulldog obviously enjoys being able to jump higher than usual. He raises his front legs and forcefully stomps them on the trampoline’s surface so that he can bounce higher. He does this again and again, his face beaming with happiness each time.

Harald’s happy moments on the trampoline are fun to watch. The video below shows him as he bounces around the recreational device.

Source: Bulleball via YouTube



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