Since September 2019, millions of acres across Australia have been razed by a raging bushfire. Thousands of homes have been destroyed, and many lives have been lost. This includes almost a billion animals. But thanks to a six-year-old Border Collie – Kelpie mix, nearly 900 sheep living on a farm have been saved.

Good dog

As flames got closer to the Hill’s sheep farm at Corryong in Victoria, Australia, Stephen Hill and his dog, Patsy, went to work. They moved their flock of 900 sheep across the scorched land to the safest paddock on the farm.

While Stephen fought the fire to save the houses, sheds, and hay, Patsy found a safe spot and waited with the sheep. Stephen’s sister, Cath dubbed Patsy the wonder dog for helping save the family’s livelihood.

Cath Hill photo of Patsy with brushfires in the background

Thanks to the dog, who remained calm and collected despite smoke covering the air, they were able to herd the sheep faster. Out of the hundreds of sheep they herded, only six did not survive.

Stephen said that having Patsy around made the job easier. He added that without a good dog like Patsy, there is not much that can be done with the sheep. Most of them would have perished. In the end, the fire caused the death of only a handful of sheep and the loss of several sheds on the farm.

Stephen said dogs like Patsy, bred to work, ignore everything but the job at hand. Another border collie mix, Bear, also made the news in Australia for helping get koalas to safety and out of the bushfire scorched areas.

Internet sensation

Stephen’s sister, Cath, posted the dog’s heroic deed, and it received a fantastic response. It even got covered by many news networks. Cath also helped create an Instagram account for Patsy, which now has more than a hundred thousand followers. She said that she wanted to show people something positive amidst the Australian bushfire’s highly destructive spread.

Source: Stories of Animals via Youtube

Photo Credits Cath Hill



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