A Korean baseball team has been doing so well that they won the championship in 2018. They deserve it too, as they have been training very hard for it. Training is not always easy, but their coach always helps them push through.

What makes this Korean baseball team unique is their coach. Their coach is a two year old dog named Kangbi. Kangbi has been very supportive of the team, and she was always there during training. The first thing that Kangbi always does is greet the team players.

This sets up a positive vibe early in the morning. Setting a good vibe is one of the keys to having a positive attitude throughout the day. This is very critical as it can affect how a player trains.


Kangbi has always provided the team with emotional stability. The moment that she came to the team, each member has been motivated to work hard. This is because Kangbi has a way of communicating with every player through her presence.

The team members have often approached Kangbi for their problems and struggles. The canine may not be able to literally talk but having her there to hear their problems  is a big help for the team.

The team has someone who listens, who doesn’t judge, and allows them to vent out their feelings. That is Kangbi’s main goal as a coach. She wants to be there for the players. This is because she knows that a person’s emotional state is just as important as the physical.

This is why the baseball team never discredits the presence of Kangbi. She is very important to the players, and she is an essential part of the team.

She does her job well, and everybody is proud of her. The whole baseball team feels lucky that she is one of them.

Source SBS TV via YouTube



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