Like many rescue dogs, Joule had anxiety issues when Brenna Eckert adopted her four years ago.  Working with a dog behaviorist helped Joule with some of her issues.

She has come a long way but is still a very insecure dog.  Joule really hates being left alone. When Eckert is home Joule is always with her.

Eckert also adopted an orange tabby kitten shortly after Joule joined the family. Named Kevin, the kitten bonded with Joule from the the start.


One day Eckert decided to set up a security camera at home to monitor things while she was at work.

Reviewing the footage, Eckert was surprised to see her easy going cat comforting her high-strung dog.  The scene was repeated day after day for the entire time they were home alone.

If she had not decided to set up the camera, Eckert might never have learned of this mutual comforting between her cat and dog. Joule pretty much ignores Kevin when Eckert is around, choosing her human over her cat buddy.

That does not mean that all three don’t cuddle on the couch at times.

To watch the actual footage hop over to the Dodo.  It really is too sweet.

Photo credit: the dodo



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