Most of us are guilty of setting up profiles for our best friend on an online dating app. We do it for good reasons. We want our lonely friends to date someone, and a great way to encourage them is to create an online dating profile for them.

A shelter worker named Miranda Morrison thought that setting up an online dating profile for her best friend is a great idea. However, her best friend happened to be a coonhound mix who lived in the facility where Miranda worked. The dog’s name is Henry, and he was picked up as a stray when he was still a tiny puppy and has lived in the shelter since 2015.

Henry was adopted once but returned the following week when his new owner discovered she was expecting,  For all his charms, Henry was known to be skittish around children.  His new home was no longer a good fit.


Because no one is adopting him, Henry made it to the kill list. Miranda couldn’t let Henry die just because no family is adopting him. She knew that Henry deserved a loving family.

Miranda’s workplace, Animal Ark, has a program where potential adopters are encouraged to take a dog out on a playdate. They do this to let people see the real personality of the dogs they want to adopt. Miranda wanted people to see who Henry really is, which is a very lovable dog who loves cuddling.

After setting up Henry’s profile on a dating app, he started getting matches. She would talk to the matches to encourage them to take Henry out for a date. Sadly, Henry didn’t have much luck finding someone to adopt him in the dating app.

However, his story went viral. Screenshots of his profile circulated the internet, and people started inquiring about adopting Henry. Everyone seemed to be interested in giving Henry a forever home.

Alexander Ognibene heard about Henry on the radio while he was driving. He found Henry’s story to be interesting and decided that he wanted to meet the dog on the dating app. A few months before Alexander’s old dog had passed away. When he heard about Henry, he knew that Henry is the dog he wants to adopt.

Alexander drove for eleven hours to meet Henry. As soon as the two met, they bonded almost instantly. Henry finally had a loving family after three years of living in the shelter. Alexander stated that Henry’s personality reminded him of his old dog, who passed away. In fact, he said that he almost cried when he saw Henry for the first time.

Henry finally found a great family. He even has two other doggie siblings to play with. Henry adjusted really well to his new life. As for Miranda, she was a little sad that her best friend is leaving but is also happy that he finally found a forever home. Here’s an adorable video of how Miranda tried to set up Henry on a dating app and how it eventually became successful.

Video Source Inside Edition via YouTube



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