Each dog is unique. They all have their little quirks and personality that one can say that there’s a dog for every person. Dogs are also very smart animals that can learn things by just observing their owners.

There are even dogs that are trained to become service animals. However, a dog named Chipper learned an extra special skill that helps the environment. Chipper helps his mom, Katie Pollak, pick up trash, such as PET bottles that she takes for recycling.

Katie met Chipper after she graduated from college. Katie was planning on going to three different animal shelters and on the second shelter, that was when Katie met Chipper. Chipper was a puppy then, and Katie fell in love with him.



Katie said that the moment she saw Chipper in his kennel, she fell in love immediately and applied to adopt him on the same day. Chipper turned out to be an excellent dog for Katie. Chipper is very engaging and is always keen to do activities with his new mom.

It started as a curiosity at first. Chipper loved to pick up empty water bottles and play with them. Chipper loved how the plastic water bottle sounded when he scrunched it in his mouth. Eventually, he started picking up discarded water bottles and giving them to Katie.

Chipper also inspires other people to better care for the environment by being mindful of what they throw away. Whenever Chipper gets to go out on walks, it’s guaranteed that he will find an empty PET bottle to give Katie to recycle.

Aside from being an environmentalist, Chipper also helps care for his new doggie brother, Quinci. Quinci came from a hoarding situation and was afraid of everything. Chipper bonded with Quinci almost immediately, and Chipper helped his new little doggie brother gain more confidence.

Quinci used to be afraid of the tiniest things. The sound of rustling leaves would even cause Quinci to hide in fear. Thanks to Chipper, Quinci is so much more confident that he will even take the lead whenever they go for a hike. Here’s an adorable video about Chipper that you will absolutely love.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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