Rottweilers are known to be confident and strong animals. Because of their protectiveness and loyalty, they are usually taken as guard dogs.

However, this adorable rottweiler takes the definition of loyalty to another level. Contrary to what many believe, Rottweilers are very affectionate towards children. They adore kids so much, it’s almost as if they want to be with them all the time.

Jerry the Rottie is the protective guard dog of baby Aaru.


As seen in the video, Jerry loves cuddling next to the cute baby Aaru. But Aaru is then swept away by his big sister. Jerry follows the baby with no hesitation.

You see, once Jerry notices his tiny human sibling is nowhere in sight,  he quickly searches for him.

Now that it’s time for Aaru’s bath, his mom and sister take him away from Jerry. The pooch hurries to look for Aaru and realizes that he is just outside getting bathed in a kiddie-sized pool. You’ll notice that he is keeping a close watch by the pool as Aaru gets cleaned up.

Baby Aaru gets swept away again to spend some quality time with his mom. Can you guess who is following right behind him? Of course, it’s none other than Jerry, and he’s on the move again scratching at the door.

Finally, Jerry gets to spend some quality time with his favorite baby. But Aaru has moved away again from room to room.

In another scenario, the big sister tests Jerry’s reaction by intentionally sneaking in and trying to tickle the baby. But she is then greeted by a loud ferocious growl.

Later on, she attempts to try another test and is greeted by a bark. It seems that Jerry is really serious about protecting his tiny human!

Isn’t it amazing how these Rottweilers are strongly committed to protecting their loved ones, especially tiny human beings like baby Aaru?

Watch how eager he is in guarding his favorite baby through the video below.

Source: THE ROTT via Youtube



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