It’s strange that animals can get along with other animals of different species. This happens all the time, and we really can’t explain why it happens. However, we have to admit that it’s a type of friendship that lasts a lifetime, and it’s also adorable.

We’ve all heard about dogs becoming friends with cats. However, have you ever seen a dog and a tortoise becoming best friends? An adorable pit bull-mix named Puka and a tortoise named Larry are a cute odd couple that made people go crazy over them on the internet.

The unlikely friendship between Puka and Larry began when their mom, Christine Hilberg, adopted Puka with the help of her friend named Roxy. Roxy saw Puka alone at a bus stop and had a cleft lip. When Roxy found out that Puka was being cared for by a homeless man, she decided to barter with the homeless man for Puka. Thankfully, the homeless man agreed to trade Puka.


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Roxy also owns a few rescue animals and thought that Puka deserves a forever home that will give her what she needs. Roxy decided to give little Puka to Christine. From that day on, Puka and Christine became inseparable. Christine had Puka’s cleft lip checked and was relieved when she found out that it was only cosmetic and didn’t cause any discomfort to Puka, norĀ  affect the way Puka ate.

After a few months, Christine discovered another animal that needed help. Christine found out about Larry on the internet who’s being given away by a reptile hoarder. The man who used to own Larry realized that Larry is an African Sulcata Tortoise, which is known to grow into a massive size.

Christine decided to adopt Larry, but she didn’t know how Puka would react. At first, Larry was a little unsure of his new environment, and Puka was also figuring out what Larry was. However, as weeks went by, Puka and Larry became closer. Larry started following Puka around the house, and Puka even waited for Larry to catch up.

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Larry moved a lot slower than Puka, and Puka would also slow her pace down to let Larry catch up. Now, Larry and Puka would be found cuddling together napping in their favorite sunspot. Although Larry is a vegetarian, Puka would also try eating what Larry eats, such as carrots and cucumbers.

Puka is such an amazing big sister for Larry. The adorable pictures of them together became viral, and Christine would always put Puka and Larry in cute costumes for photos. Here’s a heartwarming video showing the unlikely friendship between a dog and a tortoise. You wouldn’t believe just how close these two creatures are until you see them play and spend time together.

Video Source The Dodo via YouTube



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