What do we need in times when we are stuck at home due to a pandemic? Probably a good laugh to lighten up our mood. Well, the little pooch in this video will not disappoint you.

When we have no choice but to stay at home, we are somehow tempted to buy nonessentials online. From buying home decorations to buying a pair of funny shoes- we are all guilty of buying random things online,

But one man named Ben bought something quite different. He bought himself a pair of huge false teeth in order to have a bit of fun and call it a day. His real plan was to take pictures of himself wearing it. But little did he know that his dog was way funnier than him.


Thomas, his little dog, was surprisingly the real comedian and gave us the quarantine content we badly wanted to see.

The adorable pup was actually smart enough to sneak and grab the set of fake teeth from the table where his dad had left them.

The little pooch didn’t chew them up or tear them apart. He just carried them in his mouth like he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

The results? It was hilarious since he ended up looking like a tiny dog with enormous human teeth. What is not to love about this dog?

In the video, you can see little Thomas holding the giant set of teeth in his mouth, while you can hear Ben laughing so hard in the background. Ben laughs and asks, “Thomas, what are you doing?”

Fortunately, Ben was quick to share the video on social media, where his video became very popular and made a lot of people smile. And it’s pretty obvious why – it’s what we all needed to see.

Watch the funny video below and prepare to have a good laugh.

Source: Ben Campbell via Youtube



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