Kate Howard had moved into her new home just a few months ago. She was trying to enjoy the sunshine after she had just returned from the memorial service of a friend who unfortunately died very young.

Suddenly Kate noticed an adorable dog plop down on her yard. The owner of the dog was having no luck getting her to continue on their walk. The pup named Winnie did not want to leave.


When Kate heard the name of the pooch, she immediately remembered a puppy that she had fostered last year over Thanksgiving with the same name. The puppy had been Kate’s first foster and it had been hard to return the puppy for spaying and adoption.  She had formed a strong bond with the charming little pup and worried if she would find a good loving forever home.

Kate started a conversation with the owner of the dog, asking her about whether she adopted the dog with the same name. The owner replied in affirmative and told Kate that she adopted the dog last November and did not want to change the name to save Winnie from confusion.

Kate became sure that this is the same Winnie that she had fostered. Kate was over the moon to meet Winnie again. It was like Winnie was paying her a visit on purpose.

Kate was delighted to learn that Winnie lives just a block away from her home. It was exhilarating for Kate to know that Winnie was just a little walk away from her house, and she could see her anytime.

It could have been a routine workday for Kate, but she took it off due to a friend’s memorial, who was also a dog lover. If Kate had not taken the day off, she would probably have never been able to meet Winnie again.

Kate described the meeting with Winnie specifically on that day to be beyond comforting.

Image source: @JournoKateH via Twitter



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