Dogs are impressive companions as they can accompany their owners in various activities. But training a dog to perform a trick is a different thing. It is an enriching and entertaining activity for both the dog and the owner.

If you browse on YouTube, you will see lots of videos about dogs doing different tricks. Even knowing that dogs are trainable it is still impressive watching a dog performing a complicated dance routine along with their owner.

Canine Freestyle is a modern dog sport that is a mixture of obedience training, tricks and dance that allows creative interaction between dogs and their owners set to music. During the 2012 Eurasia Dog Show Canine Freestyle held in Moscow, the audience was treated to an impressive performance of a woman and her Newfoundland dog.


It was especially surprising because large breeds like Newfoundlands are not particularly agile and don’t come to mind as graceful. The large breeds with placid temperaments require even more patience and dedication to train than the smaller, agile breeds you usually see performing freestyle dance routines.

Dog dancing, as it is commonly called, is a very competitive dog sport that any breed from the very large Newfoundland to the tiny Chihuahua can compete in. Routines are designed to match the size and energy of the dog as they move with and around their owner. It is common to see Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, and Papillons strutting their stuff. These breeds tend to be quick learners and enjoy attention. But with patience any dog that will respond to basic commands can be trained.

Through out the performance it is essential that the attention of the dog is focused on the owner. The dog must always be alert to follow the movement of the owner.  It takes real teamwork between a dog and its owner.

In the video, it is obvious that the dog was well trained to perform the dance routine. The routine involves turning around, side steps, high stepping, hopping and many other moves. Though the dog moves slowly, it performs gracefully and in sync with its owner.

Watch the video of the performance below:

Video source: KinologVideo via YouTube



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