A fantastic story of living beings showing compassion to each other regardless of their species took place in Argentina. A stray dog named Way emerged as a hero when she saved a baby girl from freezing conditions.

An infant was abandoned in freezing weather in an alley in Argentina. The baby could have died due to sub-zero temperature, but then Way arrived on the scene and saved the day.

It is unclear how long the baby had to suffer extreme weather conditions. But the good thing was that the baby was able to survive.


Luckily for the baby, Way recently had given birth to a litter of puppies. And the dog did not limit her natural maternal behavior to protecting her own babies. Way instinctively realized that the baby was in trouble and made an effort to save her.

Way took the baby to the spot where her own puppies were lying.  The animals surrounded and snuggled with the baby like she was one of their own kind, which gave the baby some much-needed warmth.

Alejandra Griffa was a resident of the nearby area and was the first to see the baby among the litter of puppies. Alejandra had continuously heard a baby crying, which had never happened in the area before. Alejandra became a bit alarmed and decided to find out the location of the crying baby.

Alejandra reached a spot in the alley, where she found a human baby all alone amid a litter of puppies and a dog. She was utterly amazed at what she was witnessing.

Alejandra immediately took the baby into her arms and hurried to the nearby hospital. Staff at the hospital were of the view that the baby was saved that night only because of the dog.  The body heat of the dog and puppies had kept the baby from freezing.

Way had become an instant hero, and the local news channel also covered her story.

Image source: Honest to Paws

Thanks to our friends at Honest to Paws for the story.



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