A 3-year-old sapsali and a rescue turkey became best friends when the two were united at Abbie Hubbard’s house.

The sapsali named Minnow was already living at Abbie’s place when the owner decided to foster a 5-week-old turkey in her house.

The turkey named Blossom was left behind by workers at a slaughterhouse while moving the birds. Blossom was rescued, and later, the bird found her way to Abbie’s place where she got to meet her new best friend Minnow.


40-year-old Abbie Hubbard, while talking to a news channel, mentioned that Blossom was warmly welcomed by Minnow into the house. When Blossom came to Abbie’s home for the first time and got out of her carrier Minnow instantly greeted her with a kiss and a friendly nudge.

Blossom also seemed to be very comfortable with Minnow. The bird went over to the dog’s soft bed and later cuddled up with the pooch.

At one time, when Abbie was snuggling with Minnow, Blossom realized that Abbie is also a friendly being and is safe to befriend. The bird came up to Abbie and cozied up to her. Abbie says that Blossom coming up to her is among one of her very fond memories.

Blossom takes her cues from Minnow.  If something frightens her, she looks to Minnow to see how she responds.  They are constant companions.

Abbie believes that people should treat all forms of life with consideration and compassion. According to Abbie, people often overlook the fact that farm animals also have senses and feelings just like companion animals. Abbie hopes that the story of Minnow and Blossom will inspire people to treat all living beings with kindness.

Blossom is not Minnow’s first fowl friend.  Abbie previously fostered a chick named Chickpea.  Chickpea now resides at a local farm which is a more suitable environment for the bird than Abbie’s townhouse.

Blossom, now ten weeks old, will be sent to the same local farm very soon. Minnow is going to feel a bit lonely once Blossom is gone, but Abbie said that they both have each other by their sides so they will be able to deal with it.

Image source: Abbie Hubbard via ABC NEWS



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