Rescued dog

A video of dogs who were living in a dilapidated apartment went viral. The owners of the apartment were reported to be very abusive, and they would continuously beat these dogs.

These dogs have been living in the apartment for quite a while. Because they were not spayed, they have multiplied but the owners drowned the puppies. A few people from the neighborhood have reported their situation to the police.

Some of the locals called the police, complaining about the noise, the dogs barked all the time. The others called because they were concerned about the dog’s well-being. The owners never took the dogs out of the apartment. Unfortunately, the police never responded.


The dogs were always hanging out of the broken windows begging for help. That’s what led to one person taking a video of the situation, and that video went viral.

A group of rescuers saw this viral video and decided to take the matter into their own hands. They asked the apartment owners if they can take the dogs off their hands. The owners refused.

They were a little scandalous and fought off the rescuers. This was when the police were called again, and that’s when they responded.

The apartment owners knew that what they did was wrong, so they tried to escape and run away from the scene. Thankfully, the police arrived just in time, and they were apprehended.

The rescuers were able to save a total of nine dogs. These nine dogs were living in a 65 square foot room, which was too small for them.

The rescuers were given the right to take the dogs. The poor dogs were very fearful of people because of their abusive owners. The dogs were finally collected and transported to shelters where they will be neutered, vaccinated, and receive medical attention.

The dogs will receive training in the shelters so they will learn to trust humans. These fortunate dogs will also get the chance to be with good loving families. This is all thanks to the efforts of the rescuers who saved them. Because of them, all nine dogs are going to have a happier and better life.

Source Love Furry Friends – Rescue Channel via YouTube



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