Dog with Computer

According to the American Pet Products Association millennials are driving pet care trends. Their lifestyle choices are being reflected in the choices they make for their pets. Michelson Found Animals, a non-profit organization committed to saving pets, commissioned a survey of 1,000 dog and cat owners. The result showed people regard their pets more as family members and are leveraging emerging trends to make it easier to be good pet parents.

Smart Technology

Technology is finding its way into our lives. You may not have a smart home but you probably have a smart phone or a fitness tracker. Those that embrace technology are using it to enhance the lives of their pets. Nearly half of those that took the survey use specific apps to manage their pets health and nutrition. The trend was the use of nutrition apps, vet telemedicine and fitness trackers to improve, maintain and keep track of their pets health and wellness.

Pet monitoring cameras are on the rise. As is the interest in pet tracking technology, both microchip and tracking devices. And the survey showed owners were not just interested in keeping their pets safe but also in indulging them with smart toys.

Alternative Therapies

Alternative therapies are becoming more popular so it is not surprising that of survey participants that had tried some form of alternative therapy, 74% had used it on their pets. Aromatherapy was at the top of the list for general well being as well as reflexology and naturopathy. Mobility therapies for specific medical or behavior issues such as massage, physical therapy, chiropractic and acupuncture were also popular. Preventative care was considered important in maintaining overall pet health.

New Food Rules

People have become more health conscious for themselves and their pets. Those who eat special diets such as organic, tend to feed their pets the same diet. They recognize the benefit of high quality foods in preventing health problems. According to the survey results, many thought they feed the pets better than themselves. Those that used food subscription services were more likely to use pet food services also.

These three trends are likely to continue as people become more tech-connected and continue to embrace alternative health practices and diets.



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